Building Green

Building Green

The largest item you own that impacts the environment is your home. Environmentalists attribute more than half of all greenhouse gases and pollution as a result of a home's embodied energy and utilities. If you are thinking about building a house and are concerned about the environment, you will do well to consider a modular home. Our homes are Energy Star rated to meet or exceed all local codes.

Modular homes are automatically more "GREEN" than other traditional types of construction, for the following reasons:

  1. A modular home has less construction waste. Because each home, however unique, is made of prefabricated pieces that may be the same for hundreds of homes, companies often buy precut lumber. Other materials can be ordered in precise quantities, lowering waste during construction. Also, many companies employ workers that have more training than the average construction team, meaning less material waste due to mistakes.

  2. Modular houses are “sealed” tighter and have less energy lost than site built construction. This is due in part to the stringent inspections by third parties, as well as the increased skill of the workers, who often specialize in a single housing detail. Higher quality construction will increase the effectiveness of the heating and cooling systems in your house. It will also help increase the longevity of the house itself.

  3. Modular construction within an indoor, controlled environment, better protects the home from the possibility of mold problems later on.

  4. There are less trucks traveling on the roads to and from your site, limiting carbon emissions and minimizing additional trash from the numerous sub-contractors who are necessary on a site built job.

The environmental benefits of this method of construction are already recognized throughout the industry. Take care to choose a proper heating and cooling system that is efficient and meets your environmental goals. The amount of money you can save using more efficient systems will be greater than if you put the same system in a house built on site.

The United States Green Building Council has a national ratings system called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is a common system and the requirements can be found online. Studying this certification system will help you think about ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your modular home.

Building Green

We are members of & our homes meet the Green Building Standard of the N.A.H.B (National Association of Home Builders).

A Modular home is one of the quickest and easiest ways to construct an environmentally conscious residence. Modular home construction can be a powerful testament to your commitment to your world.

Our systems built construction methodology is based on the premise that responsible environmental behavior and sound business decisions can co-exist. We are committed to using wood products from lumber companies that practice sustainable forestry methods and we are committed to recycling and using renewable materials wherever feasible.

Our standard Green offerings include Low E, Argon filled Energy Star Windows, R19 insulation in 2"x6" walls, low flow toliets and low VOC paint. Make your home even more environmentally friendly through options such as R49 ceiling insulation and tankless hot water heating systems.


Did you know?

Our Modular Homes are energy star rated and comply with the complex new codes mandated by state and local building departments. Our Modular Homes meet or exceed all of these codes.

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