To The Trade/At Wholesale

Builders, contractors and others in the trades...
You may be able to take advantage of wholesale pricing for your projects.

Wholesale pricing for modular home projects

QCH will work with you and take you seamlessly through the design & order process & installation of your modular home.

You have the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the project, including understanding the entire process and to anticipate any problems that may arise on your job site.

The job site must be accessible & properly prepared. Your foundation must be square & true to the plans. Your site must allow for the crane & modular units to be delivered & properly positioned on the lot.

  • You must identify a site for storage of the modular units, with the property owner's permission, if they cannot be stored on the lot.
  • You must provide a bulldozer or excavator capable of positioning the modular units on the “set” day.
  • Costs incurred because of delays due to site conditions, inclement weather, unsafe conditions, or any other reasons are your responsibility.

This type of delivery is called a Drop Set.

QCH is available as a consultant or can supply materials & sub-contractors for a fee.
You may take advantage of our expertise, especially with your first few modular homes.

Did you know?

There are NO COMPROMISES necessary when you design your new Modular Home. Any design feature you desire is available to you.... radiant heated floors, hot tubs, fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, multiple roof lines, custom kitchens, etc.

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