About Us/Why Modular?

  • Building Modular takes LESS TIME than building “site-built” homes.
  • While the modules are constructed at the factory, our crew simultaneously prepares the foundation and installs the utilities at your site.
  • It generally takes 12 -16 months to complete a site-built home, while a modular home is often completed in 3-6 months...depending on the complexity, size and location of the project.
  • Because construction time is reduced the homeowner save money on the length of time you need to carry your construction loan and maintain a second residence. This can mean 6 months or more of savings on interest.
  • Snow, rain or extremely hot or cold weather often delay construction schedules for site built homes. Because modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment, there will be minimal construction delays, allowing us to stay on schedule.
  • Construction in a climate controlled indoor environment protects the building materials from exposure to the elements. With a site-built home, the materials are often compromised by the wear and tear caused by exposure to wind, rain, snow and extremes in temperature. Your modular home will be “weather tight” within a day or two of installation, protecting the value you have within.
  • Modular components travel at high speeds on route to your destination. When they are set on your foundation, they are lifted by a crane. They are built particularly strong to endure these rigors. Site builders have often expressed their doubt on how their homes could fair under these same conditions.
  • Building modular allows you, the homeowner, to take advantage of more savings.
  • Because the modular companies buy their materials in such large quantities, they are able to pass that savings on to you. The bulk of the construction is done where the wages are far less than those paid locally, which is another great savings for you. There is also less material waste due to the quality controlled environment in which your home is built.
  • There are NO COMPROMISES necessary when you design your new modular home. Any design feature or amenity you desire is available in a modular home. Hot tubs, fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, multiple roof lines, custom kitchens & baths, task lighting, etc.
  • Another bonus is our 10 year structural warranty. Site built homes usually offer only a 1 year guarantee on their work.
  • If you can dream it...we can build it for you.

Did you know?

Our Modular Homes are energy star rated and comply with the complex new codes mandated by state and local building departments. Our Modular Homes meet or exceed all of these codes.

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